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Building kids' competence and confidence at every level

PowerU Experience

At PowerU, we believe that engaging exercise fosters lifelong health, teamwork, and confidence in students’ lives. We pride ourselves in leading activities and sports that engage a diverse range of kids in a welcoming environment.


Whether students have years of sports experience or none at all, our coaches are determined to help students hone their skills. At PowerU camps and on Travel Sports teams, students practice focused drills led by accomplished high-school and collegiate athletes who are committed to each student’s athletic growth. 


We believe that sports are not just about athletic competition. Our staff is passionate about sports’ ability to transform many aspects of students’ lives: from health, to friendships, to schoolwork, and to future careers. We encourage all students to bring a positive attitude to athletic activities, and to reflect on leadership principles which apply to life on and off the field.

Our Programs

PowerU provides students of all ages with an incredible range of stimulating and creative activities. We provide programs that engage with students of diverse interests and levels of athletic experience..

Summer Camps

Camp sessions are offered in June, July, and August. At summer camp, students choose from a wide array of activities ranging from traditional sports to capture-the-flag to specific competitions. At our baseball camp, students hone their baseball skills through targeted conditioning and 1:1 coaching by local athletes. At both PowerU summer camps, students are encouraged to have fun, stay active and learn leadership skills along the way.

Travel Sports

Baseball and Basketball Travel teams that bring common sense back to youth sports. We bring together groups of like minded families whose children practice and play together at a more accelerated pace, with more detailed instruction and more efficient reps than house league—without the extreme financial and time commitment of other travel programs. 

Before & After-School Programs

Open to students age 5-13, the PowerU Before & After-School Program is designed to nurture creativity and imagination while developing students’ physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Before & After-School Program curriculum includes recreational activities, crafts, and mentorship.

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Little League Baseball Game

Before coming to PowerU summer camp, my daughter was terrified to play sports in groups. She was really nervous about what other kids would think about her, and she was embarrassed about not being able to run as fast or catch as well as other kids. PowerU was an overwhelmingly supportive environment. Every single day, my daughter came back from camp, and announced something like, “I made friends playing soccer!” or “my coach said I did a great job today!” My husband and I loved watching her get out of her comfort zone, and loved that she had such a fun time doing it!

Rhonda, Arlington, VA

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