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Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a strategist, coach and mentor to companies with more than  40 years experience as a C-level executive, including roles as President, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Chairman of the Board for publicly traded companies. After earning his degree in Finance and Accounting, Woody also studied business, linguistics, biology, and somatics.


Woody is a certified Master Somatic Coach with Strozzi Institute, a California based educational organization, and has been published in an anthology entitled, “Being Human at Work.” He is also a colleague with Synthesis-LLC, a New York based training and development organization that mobilizes leadership teams to create increased productivity, satisfaction, and value; and a partner in the Synthesis Network, a global group of business practitioners, thinkers, and strategists.

Coach John Jenkins

Founder and President - Just for Kids DC

Coach John Jenkins grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey, a small town where there were ample places to run, play and work off some energy.

John began his coaching journey by getting his Personal Training Certificate and becoming a P.T. at Georgetown’s Definitions Gym. While getting himself into tip-top shape, he realized there was a need for children to be taught the importance of physical fitness.

In September of 2002, John founded a fitness program to meet this need: Just for Kids. John’s wife Annie joined Just for Kids in summer 2006, when she became a swim and yoga instructor. Annie is a Budding Yogi-certified yoga instructor, and she shares her husband’s passion for fitness. Since 2006, John and Annie have collaboratively added fitness classes which have been enjoyed by more than 400 kids a week.

Over a thousand children have participated in Just for Kids programs since 2002. Coach John hopes to see many more in years to come, because he knows that an active child is a happier, healthier child.

Gina Tyrrell

Gina has worked for 16 years in the Washington, D.C. area in the Defense sector as an engineer and project manager. During that time Gina also volunteered in various programs to tutor children in subjects ranging from elementary math to high school chemistry. When coming alongside a child who is striving to learn, Gina sees the ‘light bulb’ moments as the most rewarding. Recently, Gina launched and ran her own personal concierge business while keeping up with their three children: 11-year-old Kyle, and 8-year-olds Josh and Abby. 

Gina finds the greatest joy in helping at her kids' school, as well as their teams and activities. She is passionate about helping children with the little issues of life, and celebrating kids’ successes. Gina brings her experience and joy to the aftercare program, which is a win-win for both Gina and the children.

Dave Burger


David is the founder of Vienna Youth Basketball [link:] and has been coaching youth basketball for the past 6 years at the House, County, and AAU levels. David is also an attorney, and his practice utilizes the disciplines of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and conflict resolution to achieve optimal results for his clients. These techniques come in handy when coaching boys and girls aged 5-12 in soccer, baseball, and basketball. David enjoys trail racing and Spartan race competitions, and he regularly trains “kids” of all ages on the ninja course he built in his backyard and on trails throughout Northern Virginia.

After graduating from the University of Vermont and before starting law school at George Mason University, David spent years in Asia where he founded a Southern Taiwan travel magazine, ran a Chang Mai, Thailand-based “survival” trekking company, worked with the local government of Tainan, Taiwan as a liaison with the expatriate community, and worked with local schools in designing and implementing athletic and English language curriculum for grade school students of various ages.   


Coach Tremaine Chinapoo

Coach Tremaine Chinapoo was born in Baltimore, MD, and moved to Harrisburg, PA, at a young age. In Pennsylvania, he played many sports including soccer, basketball, football, hockey, and track and field. Ultimately, Tremaine decided to focus on soccer and fitness.

During high school, Tremaine played for club team FC DELCO in Philadelphia, PA, and was named an All-American in high school. Tremaine was offered a scholarship to attend American University for soccer. In DC, he was a four-year starter and competed in two Patriot League championship tournaments.

Since graduation, Tremaine has been coaching local soccer teams in the area. He looks forward to furthering his coaching education by taking soccer courses in the local area.

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